Historical Research  

Would you like to know...

Who owned your home?

Who was the original owner of your property?

One of our specialties at Mid-State Abstract is the availability to provide historical research. For 30 years we have been gathering data and providing to our clients research in ownership and property location. We have acquired prints of a multiplicity of maps and records originally in the possession of the Board of Proprietors which has enabled us to produce fantastic results.

By using the information contained within the original land grants and processing through modern computer calculations, we can recreate the intent of these documents given their propensity for error by ancient equipment. We have been retained by many title attorneys that specialize in title litigation as well as providing services to a majority of title insurance companies, as experts in this area.

Acknowledged by our peers as experts in this area, we are proud of this accomplishment and can provide, ostensibly, a chain of title from the original Land Grant to date in most circumstances.

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