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Mid-State Abstract has been providing clients with expert title insurance services for 30 years. Our headquarters are located in Toms River, New Jersey, with four offices statewide. Mid-State's offices contain more than 145,000 insurance files and the company completes approximately 5,400 insurance searches annually.

Mid-State Abstract is unique among Title Companies in the fact that it offers historical title research. We have been entering historical information into our computer system for nearly twenty years and have amassed an impressive directory of data. If you need historical title information, contact us, we want your business.

We insure title through First American Title Insurance Company, the nation's premier Title Insurance provider. Mid-State Abstract has a state of the art computer system that has been created for us alone. This unique system, combined with an informed and experienced staff, enables us to deliver accurate, reliable and timely information to our clients.

No need to hesitate. We are ready to provide you with:

“protection for your piece of the planet.”

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